At Finite Elements we develop new technologies with strategic partners who bring them to market.

We take good ideas and turn them in to robust, efficient, high performance technology that keeps you ahead of the competition.

We specialize in simulation led inventive engineering design because there is no better way to understand why it is and how it could be better.

We help you to be bold but not blind where luck is not a factor, knowledge is a strategy, and risk is a calculated outcome.

"Phil, guess your numbers were right! Thanks for making the impossible happen!"

"When you are on the dive you have to trust the engineering was done right"

James Cameron, film director (Avatar, Titanic), National Geographic Explorer in residence, successful pilot of DeepSea Challenger, solo manned submersible that took him to the deepest place on earth, 11km deep in the Marianas Trench.

"You guys made the new plant so much better than the old one, it produces a much higher grade of aluminium powder, and so efficient. Everyone who walks in is surprised by how much quieter it is and it hasn’t skipped a beat since day one", Engineering manager at Ecka Granules Bell Bay Plant, Tasmania.

Applying advanced engineering analysis and delivering products for superior structural performance and risk management in near and offshore aquaculture farm enviroments -

At Finite Elements our work often forms the kernel of much bigger projects where downtime is measured in millions of dollars per day.

We have specialised in the application of Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation to support our technology and engineering for over 20 years.

The boss has over three decades of large project design and project management experience and an inventive bent.

Our team has been built to bring a "can do" attitude to our projects.

We pride ourselves on being able to work with our Client project teams in a seamless and effective manner.

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Michele DurbinBCom
Director Business Development

Phil Durbin BE Mech
Director Technology + Engineering

Dr. David Fletcher BSc Mathematics
Expert CFD Advisor